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      2. Jun Hao Bamboo Mat Series
        May our products bring you a sense of bamboo's coolness, fragrance and elegance
        Jun Hao Bamboo Mat Series
        May our products bring you a sense of bamboo's coolness, fragrance and elegance
        About us

        Anji Junhao Bamboo Products Factory is located in the famous "bamboo Town of China" - Anji County, Zhejiang Province, 55 kilometers away from Hangzhou, Huzhou, 210 kilometers from Shanghai. 09 provincial highway runs through the whole territory, 104 National highway, Hangning highway side by side, the traffic is convenient. The domestic production of bamboo accounts for 25% of the total output of the country, the abundant bamboo resources give us a very advantageous competitive advantage. Over the years, our factory mainly produces bamboo mat mat, handmade wild mountain rattan mat, bamboo pillow, ice silk pillow and other bamboo products, products are sold all over the country.Junhao bamboo products factory has senior technical personnel and management personnel, so that the company's overall operation more scientific, modern. It has always selected high…

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        Grasp the green products firm manufacturing market Zhuxiang enterprises taste test

        In recent years, Anji County to guide the quality of green manufacturing upgrade as the goal, the establishment of a green certification system with Anji characteristics, comprehensive promotion of green product certification work, improve the quality and efficiency of green development.

        Anji County has sorted out the list of current standards in key fields of green manufacturing, implemented and formulated a number of standards and specifications for green manufacturing technology in leading industries such as chair industry and bamboo industry in the county, and promoted the conversion of advanced technologies and product patents independently developed by key enterprises into standards. In addition to the 14 categories of products that have been included in the green product evaluation standard list and certification directory, we actively strive for the product standards with Anji industry characteristics to be included in the green product evaluation standard list of the State Administration of China. In accordance with the requirements of the unified green product standards and certification system, China will comprehensively carry out actions to raise standards, meet standards and raise standards, intensify technological upgrading of traditional advantageous industries such as bamboo products, wood-based panels and furniture, promote upgrading of traditional industries, and comprehensively raise the level of green development in product technology, process equipment, energy efficiency and environmental protection. Up to now, the county has formulated 4 green manufacturing technology standards, 56 chair industry superior standards, 35 bamboo industry superior standards.

        Focusing on traditional advantageous industries and strategic emerging industries, Anji County this year established a green product brand cultivation enterprise database composed of 12 outstanding enterprises, and organized the comprehensive knowledge training of brand certification and standardization; At the same time, we should strengthen the interpretation and publicity of green product standards, certification and identification related policies, and improve the ideological understanding and initiative of enterprises on the importance of brand creation.

        Establish a reward mechanism, constantly improve the green product certification supporting incentive policy, for the first time through the green product certification of industrial enterprises, the county to give a one-time reward of 200,000 yuan, to provide strong support for the implementation of certification. At the same time, relying on the "government procurement cloud" platform, the government will establish and improve the implementation mechanism of government procurement, increase government procurement of green products, and seize the first opportunity for the development of green enterprises.

        Up to now, Anji County has furniture, wood and plastic products and other industries of 38 enterprises 44 products obtained green product certification certificate.

        The National Bamboo Industry Technology Innovation and Development Summit Forum was held in Anji

        Anji is a famous bamboo town in China, with 1.01 million mu of bamboo forest, including 870,000 mu of bamboo forest. After more than 40 years of innovation and development, a bamboo prop up the industry of ten billion yuan in Anji, the county bamboo, the annual production of commercial bamboo, annual output value of bamboo industry, annual export of bamboo products, bamboo economic comprehensive strength and other five indicators are in the forefront of the country. Anji also faces the difficulties in the development of bamboo industry, focuses on green, low-carbon and common wealth, and actively innovatively plans the reform of bamboo carbon sink. At present, the total output value of the bamboo industry in the county is more than 20 billion yuan, with nearly 30,000 employees, and with 1.8% of the national bamboo volume, to create nearly 10% of the total output value of the bamboo industry.

        In September this year, under the guidance of the State Forestry and Grass Administration and the Provincial Forestry Administration, the Anji County Government and the Wood Industry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry signed the cooperation agreement on jointly building the National Bamboo Industry Research Institute. The two sides decided to cooperate in the revitalization and development of the bamboo industry, strengthen the common key technologies, expand the application field of bamboo products, and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry. To jointly explore clean water and lush mountains is a new way to transform gold and silver mountains.


        Activity site, the National Forestry and Grass Bureau for Anji County awarded the "National Bamboo Industry Research Institute"; Anji County has appointed Yu Wenji, chief scientist of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, as president of the National Bamboo Industry Research Institute. The results of "carbon footprint carbon label of ten major bamboo products" of Anji County were released on site.

        In the keynote speech of the National Bamboo Industry Technology Innovation and Development Summit Forum, 7 experts and scholars in the field of bamboo industry made keynote speeches on the cutting-edge technologies and research results related to the development of bamboo industry, guests from Jiangxi, Sichuan and other major bamboo producing areas focused on the "Exchange of work experience in bamboo producing areas", and representatives of related bamboo industry enterprises had a keynote dialogue on the "Transformation and upgrading of enterprises in bamboo Industry".

        Zhejiang Anji to create

        Anji County in Zhejiang Province is the famous hometown of bamboo in China, ranking first among the top ten "bamboo towns" in China. The "bamboo" industry here has formed, which can provide 12 million commercial bamboo every year, ranking the highest in China. Bamboo economy is the pillar industry and economic growth point of Anji. In recent years, Anji has made gratifying progress by focusing on the development of bamboo resources and implementing the development strategy of trade, industry and agriculture and export-oriented bamboo industry.

        The local value of each bamboo, from the root, bamboo rod, bamboo leaves and even bamboo powder to the use of the whole bamboo. In the deep processing of bamboo bold exploration, in-depth development, the formation of bamboo mat, bamboo rubber board, bamboo cushion, bamboo handicrafts, bamboo stationery five series more than 700 varieties, the products sell well at home and abroad. By-products include medicinal fresh bamboo drain, bamboo root carving, root whisker products, wool, old silk, broom, bamboo handle, white bamboo, bamboo charcoal and fishing rod. The hometown of bamboo, bamboo floor... Here the green mountains have become a "green card", a piece of bamboo has become a farmer income "green bank".

        The bamboo sea

        Once you're famous, you know

        Anji is the county with the largest area in China and the largest number of loose bamboo and mixed bamboo stems. There are numerous "bamboo sea" landscapes in Anji, which can be called "bamboo mountain, bamboo sea and bamboo world".

        "Anji China Bamboo Sea" is located in Wuhe Village, Tianhuangping Town, Anji County. As the name implies, it is a scenic spot famous for its "bamboo abundance". The total area is 6.667 million square meters, and it is a woodland dominated by bamboo.

        As the filming location for the Oscar-winning film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the "Great Bamboo Sea of Anji China" is also famous. When the director Ang Lee visited Anji after the film won the award, he once said, "It is Anji's beautiful landscape that makes Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon walk on the Oscar podium."

        The bamboo shoots

        Locally sourced "vegetarian first"

        Bamboo shoots are a kind of food materials with low fat, low sugar and low calories. At the same time, due to the rich "scraping oil" in bamboo shoots, they have the function of absorbing fat, promoting food fermentation, assisting digestion and promoting excretion. It has been regarded by more and more people as a good life. Its nutritional value is also known as "the first vegetarian food" by cooking experts. Anji is rich in bamboo shoots, folk like to eat bamboo shoots, there is "no shortage of bamboo shoots at four times" said.

        Relying on the mountain, Anji, bamboo town, local materials, the formation of bamboo shoots as the main raw materials of the special dish. A long time ago, "bamboo shoot banquet" has become an Anji food name card, with more than 10 kinds of cooking methods, such as braising, frying, braising, steaming, steaming, cooking, from the traditional bacon braised bamboo shoots, snow vegetables braised bamboo shoots and other more than a dozen common practices, derived from today's vegetarian abalone, bamboo shoots net shrimp balls and other more than 200 dishes. In modern times, Wu Changshuo, a famous master of calligraphy and painting in Anji, never forgot the bamboo shoots in his hometown. He sang and sighed in the poem of "Although there are eight treasures in the guests, which and the mountain home wild bamboo shoots incense".

        In recent years, Anji County has been holding bamboo shoots festival, various exhibitions and other activities to continuously enhance the brand influence of "Anji Bamboo shoots". By referring to the "mother and child" trademark management mode of "Anji white Tea" as a geographical symbol, Anji bamboo shoots + cooperative trademark brand "management mode, a complete set of bamboo shoots brand quality traceability management system has been established. This system is the "electronic identity card" of Anji bamboo shoots. With the "electronic identity card", the digital information of producers, origin environment, fertilization and medication, growth status can be clear at a glance. "Consumers can see if a product is authentic by simply scanning the QR code, and companies can use this traceability 'weapon' to protect their brands." Anji County market supervision Bureau responsible person introduced. In order to strengthen the self-discipline of the industry and standardize the management of the industry, in 2020, the county has set up the bamboo shoots Branch of Anji Bamboo Industry Association, which has attracted 40 enterprises, cooperatives, growers and marketers. The bamboo shoots industry in Anji is moving towards a more standardized and institutionalized direction.


        We will create a new pattern of industrial revitalization and development

        As a well-known bamboo town in China, the local government has been "racking their brains" to "make a big deal" on bamboo for nearly 40 years. Anji County has realized four leaps from selling bamboo to entering bamboo, from using bamboo stalks to using whole bamboo, from physical utilization to biochemical utilization, from simple processing to chain management, and strives to "eat and squeeze every bamboo".

        From bamboo mat, bamboo rubber board, bamboo seat cushion to bamboo sports and bamboo crafts, Anji has formed a complete bamboo processing industry chain from raw bamboo processing to finished product output, the industrial recycling rate is up to 100%, and has formulated industry or local standards for heavy bamboo flooring, bamboo mat, bamboo machinery, bamboo charcoal and other products. It is understood that there are more than 1600 bamboo product supporting enterprises in Anji County, including 5 provincial agricultural backbone leading enterprises and 22 provincial forestry backbone leading enterprises; There are 11 enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan, 29 enterprises with an output value of more than 50 million yuan, and 70 enterprises above designated size. The county has won honorary titles such as "The Capital of Bamboo Flooring in China", "The Demonstration Base of Bamboo Decoration in China", "the Capital of Bamboo Mat in China", "the Famous City of bamboo Fiber Industry in China" and "the National Demonstration County of Forestry Science and Technology".

        In 2015, Hengxiwu Village carried out the reform of bamboo forest management mechanism and system, accurately calculated the share ratio of each bamboo farmer based on the weight, market price and cutting price of bamboo, and established a joint-stock cooperative. Under the situation that the purchase price of bamboo decreased year by year, the cooperative managed and employed the bamboo farmers in a unified way. It reduces the cost of management, logging and transportation, and increases the net profit of bamboo forest by about 30%. The cooperative operation mode of bamboo forest shares initiated by Anji increased the support of county financial circulation, guided the cultivation of joint-stock cooperatives, family forest farms and other new bamboo forest management subjects, and encouraged social capital, industrial and commercial capital, leading enterprises to participate in bamboo forest management. The measures of classified management and directional cultivation of Phyllostachy bamboo forest have effectively solved the difficulties of financing and sales of large-scale bamboo forest management.

        The local county Party Committee and government have always attached great importance to the development of bamboo industry and formulated a series of policies and measures to promote the process of bamboo industrialization in Anji and stimulate the industry vitality. Through financial support, large-scale management subjects should be guided to actively carry out bamboo forest management, management and protection, and maintain the health of bamboo forest, promote the scientific utilization of bamboo resources and ecological restoration, and ensure ecological security through appropriate management and intervention.

        On May 31 this year, the Implementation Opinions of the People's Government of Anji County on Accelerating the revitalization and development of the bamboo industry in Anji County proposed that by the end of 2026, the total output value of the bamboo industry would exceed 25 billion yuan, and the total output value of enterprises above designated size would reach 10 billion yuan. In addition, Anji International Bamboo Industry Summit will be held, Anji bamboo cultural and creative Industry Center will be built, and more than 10 bamboo culture and tourism integration institutions will be established. At present, Anji is making every effort to create a new pattern of revitalization and development of bamboo industry with reasonable industrial structure, obvious regional characteristics, optimized scale agglomeration, deep integration of three industries, advanced science and technology, sound service system, strong policy support and remarkable demonstration.


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